Avantlink ranks #7 m Think Top 20 Affiliate Networks

“Partnerships. Few decisions in life are as important. Life partner? Ski touring partner? Business partner?

Early on, we at Wasatch Affiliates felt it was a smart decision to partner with Avantlink to grow our existing network. Now it appears the rest of the industry feels the same. Congratulations to Avantlink for landing number 7 on M Thinks 2011 top 20 list of Affiliate, high performance marketing firms! According to M Think, this was no simple popularity contest. The rankings were compiled from an extensive survey and careful study of 100,000 survey repsonses! This really is the industry recognizing a job well done and we at Wasatch Affiliates feel the same. Here is to a great 2012 partenering with Avantlink, an industry recognized leader in the field of affiliate marketing!”

Dan O’Connor
Wasatch Affiliates