Rise Of The Mobile.

Any netwise Affiliate Marketer knows where the current trends in internet retail are pointing; large scale sales growth in sales made online from mobile devices. In fact sales from this past Decembers holiday retail season doubled from the same period in 2010! Why should the smart Affiliate know about this trend?

Because there are now a number of  tools for websites that allow easier viewing and access by mobile devices. With today’s fast paced lifestyle a lot of potential customers might never even turn on a lap top or pc during the day but they will certainly be viewing the web and potentially your site on a their iPhones while taking the train to work or waiting for an appointment. This trend is not only occurring in the United States, it is definitely global. So, in the spirit of the World Mobile Congress, underway currently in Barcelona, Spain, I would strongly urge all Affiliates to take a closer look at this developing trend and the tools that will allow you to profit from it.