It’s Here! KLYMIT LiteWater Dinghy! The ultimate Pack Raft!!

klymit-water728x90The bro’s at have been spending a lot of hours in the lab on this one and it is finally done! KLYMIT is extremely excited to introduce the LiteWater Dinghy!! This is the Pack Raft that is going to torpedo the industry! Weighing in at a scant 35 oz’s and packing down to just 4×9 inches the LiteWater Dinghy has fully redefined the Pack Raft category! In addition to it’s light weight and extreme pack-ability, the LWD on the water is the real deal. This is a fully maneuverable, real raft ready for alpine lakes, rivers, and streams. Leave the “Pool Toys” at home as the KLYMIT LiteWater Dinghy is finally here! Your customers are going to be stoked!!

Dan O’Connor
Affiliate Manager | Wasatch Affiliates